BCK was established on 17 October 1977. It was founded as a subsidiary of the Bangun Tjipta Sarana Group of companies, serving the construction industry with the building of high-rise skyscrapers, office buildings, harbour piers, dams, irrigation structures, bridges, roads and other civil engineering works. It is now has grown into investment companies with portfolio in public private partnership in water management in city of Batam and Palembang, Sukajadi real estate development in Batam, Radisson brand four star hotel in Batam, Office building in Batam, Interior design center in Jakarta and many other investment in various companies.

Based on demanding needs and tight competition in the year of 2000 this company was approval to have an important certificate of ISO 9002:1994, which was further improved to become ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.


BCK understands well the complexity of construction work, requiring the need of different types of heavy equipment. As such, BCK has prepared a team of professionals to operate such heavy equipment whenever the need arises.


BCK’s rapid and continued growth since its inception serve as solid proof of the total performance of its human resources.


BCK’s integrated services begin with a project’s engineering design, followed by construction analysis, quality management, and, finally, project execution. Carried out independently or in cooperation with local and overseas companies.