Integrated Services, Quality Driven

BCK’s integrated services begin with a project’s engineering design, followed by construction analysis, quality management, and, finally, project execution. Carried out independently or in cooperation with local and overseas companies.

The construction industry demands a professional management and a highly reliable team-work. BCK is one of the few construction companies in Indonesia capable of carrying out total projects, from the drawing table through to the finishing touches of a building and other special structures.



Piers and harbors play a dominant role in the Indonesian archipelago as part of a marine transportation that is crucial to the country’s infrastructure that fuels economic development.


One way of facilitating agricultural yield increase is by providing the much-needed dams and irrigation canals.


Roads and bridges not only function as the basic means of transportation and distribution, but also play an integral role in opening isolated locations and empowering communitites to partake in the Nation’s Development.


The ever-increasing demand of property and housing, in line with the improving living standards in Indonesia has compelled us to extend our focus to this sector.